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Touch Rugby Worldcup 2011

Posted on June 27, 2011 at 4:42 PM Comments comments ()
Between 22.06.11 and 26.06.11 I took part in Touch Rugby Worldcup 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Together with 7 other therapists we spent 5 days helping top Touch Rugby players from all over the world with their injuries. It was very hard work, and the weather was often tricky but I enjoyed it much. I met many new friends, learned some new techniques and gained a lot of priceless experience as well as made some financial gains.
I would like to thanks Mark Rutherford for organizing everything and inviting me there. I would also like to say big thank you to all other therapists who worked along side for being supportive, patient with me and for laughing at my often not so funny jokes.
I would like to congratulate New Zealand  Mix Team, with whom I have honored to work, for winning the competition. Big thanks are going to team  of France and Italy, whom we treated regularly and to all the others who came to our tent.
Deep tissue massage. Massage therapist Streatham. Therapeutic massage.Deep tissue massage. Massage therapist Streatham. Therapeutic massage.Touch rugby world cup. Sports massage. Therapeutic massage.Touch rugby world cup. Sports massage. Therapeutic massage.Deep Tissue Massage. Body massage. Massage therapist Streatham.Last but not least I would like to send big hug to my favorite team of Austria for all encouragement and warm words. I hope I will met you again.

The general benefits of therapeutic massage

Posted on May 30, 2011 at 7:55 AM Comments comments ()
Massage manipulations can be applied in a systematic approach or plan to influence conditions that affect physical function.
Skeletal muscles respond with direct biomechanical effects. Within this response, biomechanical effects encourage or produce reflex reactions that involve the nervous system and chemical responses. A variety of responses are reached at many levels. The nervous system can respond through the reflex arc, secretion of endorphins and other neural chemicals, and the release of histamine and other cellular secretions. The release of chemicals substances affects a structure or system of the body directly or indirectly. 
The foundation for the benefits of massage therapy is understanding the nature of effects on circulation, elimination, and nervous system control. Circulation is primarily improved by direct biomechanical responses to manipulations. A secondary benefit is obtained through reflex responses encouraging chemical secretion, which affects nervous system control.
Circulation improvement occurs as nutrients, oxygen, and arterial blood components are delivered to the local area being manipulated or are distributed to the general circulation. The benefit of circulatory improvement is the secondary effect of improved filtration and elimination of carbon dioxide, metabolites, and biochemical  byproducts that are transported in  the venous blood, improved circulation, with its ability to affect elimination, generally enhances the abilities of the structures to benefit and support normal function. When nutrition is improved and elimination enhanced, the structures of localized areas, tissues and systems are given the opportunity to maximize the potential for normal function. 
Massage manipulations directly benefit restrictions to muscle tissue function. Mechanical benefits and reflex responses combine to help the muscular soft tissues respond through circulation improvement and elimination of byproducts. Mechanical effects on muscular tissues include influence on the stretching of the muscles fibers and changes in connective tissue structures. The reflex effects encourage relaxation of the tissues through change in motor nerve output and chemical secretions.
Clients receiving massage therapy report a variety of sensations, emotions, feelings and mental perceptions, that are subjective, difficult to measure, and unique to the individual.
Therapeutic massage benefits conditions by encouraging the body through the phases involved in rehabilitation, restoration, and normalization of anatomic and physiologic function and ability. Psychological benefits occur subjectively, according to the individual in response to therapy with secondary effects that influence sensation and pain perception. Objective and subjective result of therapy combine to create individual responses that affect the desired health outcome. 

Touch World Cup 2011

Posted on May 9, 2011 at 4:17 PM Comments comments ()
Between 22/06 and 26/06 I will take part in one of the biggest rugby event this year- Touch World Cup 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am very excited as I will have chance to massage some of the top rugby players. This is also my first visit to Scotland- hopefully I will have some time for sightseeing. If you want to find out more about this event please go to

London Marathon

Posted on May 1, 2011 at 8:16 AM Comments comments ()
London Marathon Sports Massage. Massage therapists streatham. Therapeutic massage. Massage at home.It was a very hot and busy day. I volunteered for Christian Aid this year. I managed to treat 10 of their athletes, receiving very positive feedback. hopefully some of those athletes will become my regular clients. It was a day full of fun and I am glad I had that opportunity to be a part of the biggest marathon in Europe.

Body massage

Posted on March 27, 2011 at 8:35 AM Comments comments ()
Finding a South West London Body Massage
Are you looking for a body massage? A body massage can have a lot of pros for you. There are also different kinds of body massages available. And a body massage may not cost as much as you think. Get a professional for your body massage in South West London.
A Body Massage Can Have Many Benefits in South West London
Getting a body massage could make you feel less stressed. A body massage may relax you as well. Many feel that posture can be improved. Body massages have a lot of benefits. Find out if a South West London body massage can benefit you.
There Are Different Types of Body Massages in South West London
Some don't realize that there are many kinds of body massages. With a deep tissue massage deeper muscle tissue is targeted. In South West London, find the body massage you want.
In South West London, It May Not Be as Expensive as You Think for a Body Massage
Do you want a body massage that does not cost too much? Often the prices on a good body massage seem steep. But you do not have to sacrifice quality with an inexpensive body massage. Fantastic body massage therapists are available to you. Get a great price on a body massage in South West London.
You Can Get an Excellent Body Massage in South West London
Your body massage should be fantastic. A wonderful massage may be available from an expert massage therapist. For an excellent experience, try a body massage. Use a professional in South West London when you are getting a body massage. Call 07877 015550, Health and Relax offers body massages.

Why to choose complementary therapy?

Posted on March 27, 2011 at 8:30 AM Comments comments ()
Rely on Health and Relax in South West London for Complementary Therapy
Good health is crucial in life. Seeing a professional may be a good decision when it comes to remedial massage. You may find that a professional can help you answer some of the questions you have. We can help you learn about these therapies in South West London. Call Health and Relax on 07877 015550 or email [email protected] it comes to complementary therapy.
Learn About remedial massage in South West London
Are you looking for ways to improve your health? Having knowledge of complementary therapy is necessary. There could be a lot of benefits that come from this. You have many complementary therapies to choose from. We have the latest information in South West London.
It's Crucial to Understand What remedial massage is in South West London
When it comes to complementary therapy, there are a lot of false impressions. Complementary therapy concentrates on the physical for healing and health, rather than the chemical. Your health could be improved by beginning some of these activities. Be sure to keep up with your doctor appointments though. If you need complementary therapy in South West London, we may be a big help.
Why Complementary Therapy in South West London
Complementary therapy is used to strengthen immunity. It is frequently used alongside different kinds of more conventional therapies. For your particular health concerns, a professional may be helpful in finding the complementary therapy that is right for you. Where your health is concerned, always consult a doctor. There are a lot of reasons you may want complementary therapy in South West London. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our staff today.
Kinds of Complementary Therapy Available in South West London
There are many different types of complementary therapies out there, for example acupuncture is considered a complementary therapy. Body massages are believed to have quite a few therapeutic benefits. Different types of meditation are also considered to be complementary therapies. There are all kinds of complementary therapies available. You can find complementary therapies in South West London with Health and Relax.

Sports massage

Posted on March 27, 2011 at 8:16 AM Comments comments ()
Visit Health and Relax in South West London for Great Sports Massage
To treat specific injuries or pain in South West London, sports massage is a good choice. It is important that the therapist understands your needs and concerns. The sports massage therapist should be trained and certified. Our team can help you get a wonderful sports massage. Call 07877 015550 or email [email protected] to discuss sports massage with Health and Relax. We can give you the sports massage you need.
Receive an Excellent Sports Massage in South West London
In the beginning, sports massage in South West London was intended for athletes. Many more people besides athletes can benefit from sports massage. Reasons why people are treated with sports massage include chronic pain and injury to range-of-motion conditions. There are a lot of places that offer sports massage; gyms, spas, and training rooms are some of these. You could benefit from a sports massage, if you are suffering a specific problem,. We look forward to seeing you.
in South West London.
What are the Benefits of Sports Massage?
Originally sports massage was to help athletes prepare their bodies. Optimal performance, quick recovery after an event, and to function well during training, are the goals of the massage. Preventing injury in particular is an advantage that sports massage was, and still is, believed to have. Regular sports massage appointments should help the candidate heal. The massage therapist usually concentrates on a single area. If you would like to learn more about sports massage, please contact our staff in South West London.
Gain Knowledge on Sports Massage in South West London
Sports massage in South West London is also a type of Swedish massage. Stimulating the flow of blood and lymph fluid is the goal of sports massage. The massage is very targeted and can include special therapy to remove knots in muscle. As well as loosening knots and increasing blood flow, a sports massage can help improve the range of motion for different body parts. Sports massage usually never includes a full body massage. To learn more about sports massage, please contact us in South West London.
Options on Sports Massages in South West London
Sports massage is available in four major different ways. Pre-event sports massage is a quick massage that takes place about 15 - 45 minutes before the event. After the sports event a post-event sports massage could be done. Restorative sports massage is given during training to allow athletes to train harder with the chance less or no injury. You can trust us in South West London at Health and Relax for a rehabilitative sports massage.

London Marathon

Posted on February 23, 2011 at 3:40 PM Comments comments ()
London Marathon
Great news for me. As some of you might have already known, I have been planing  to volunteer as massage therapist  at London Marathon this year. I have just secured my place with Christian Aid charity. I will take care of their 25 athletes, after they finish competition. I volunteered at London Marathon 2 years ago as a student, but this time I will be there by my own, so I am really excited. Hopefully, some of those athletes will become my regular clients.
I know some of you are preparing to run Marathon this year. There is a lot of hard work ahead of you, but as I have been told by those who did it- it is worth the effort, as the atmosphere there is amazing. If you need any help with all those awful injuries that are slowing you down, let me know. I will be more than happy to help. 

First Aid Course

Posted on February 20, 2011 at 1:46 PM Comments comments ()
On 24th of February I'm going to renew my First Aid Certificate so You could feel even safer in my hands:-)  

Fev words about Your therapist.

Posted on February 20, 2011 at 1:19 PM Comments comments ()
Welcome to my blog.
I will write a little bit about myself so You could get to know me better.
I came to England from Poland in 2004 after finishing Masters Degree in Economy at local University. I worked in many different places and gained a lot of life experience. In a meantime I continued to develop my skills by doing some vocational courses. In 2008 I did YMCA Gym Instructor course at Westminster College. It was there where I heard about NLSSM (North London School of Sports Massage). I graduated NlSSM in 2010. It was really demanding, but also very rewarding course. After that I had to consider what to do next. I decided to open mobile clinic (as this is still a niche on the market) so people can experience professional massages at comfort of their own homes. At the begging of 2011 Health and Relax was born.
So far business is going good. I began advertising campaign and more and more people start talking about Health and Relax. You can find me on,,,, and  I hope soon You will also join the growing number of my satisfied clients. See You then!