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Health and Relax

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

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Pregnancy and post-natal massage.

Massage during pregnancy focuses on special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the multitude of changes that lead to childbirth experience. It is usually par for the course for an expectant mother to experience unique physical and emotional changes that occur as

a result of increased weight, shifting posture and adjusting hormone levels and massage alongside other forms of bodywork can provide great relief and respite.

The popularity of both pregnancy and post-natal massage and indeed the rise in uptake of all complementary therapies is the result of a trend towards the greater importance of self-care during this important life phase.

The main benefits of pregnancy and post-natal massage:

  • stress reduction, relaxation increased respiration patterns that aid more restful sleep
  • reduction of backache, headaches, shoulder and neck aches
  • reduction of joint pain caused by tightened musculature
  • relief for Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome
  • facilitates improved hormonal and gastrointestinal performance through stress reduction
  • decrease of muscle and joint pain in the pelvic/hip area
  • increase of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • boost immune system
  • reduction of fatigue
  • reduction of swelling associated with water retention is such places as hands and lower legs
  • improve healing rate post birth by affording the mother more rest and will encourage increased blood and lymph flow to areas of injury
  • provides precious personal time and "time out" for mother or mom-to-be in demanding life phase